7 Best Places to Visit in South Korea

Inhabiting the southern half of the Korean Peninsula is the country of South Korea. Totally distinctive and independent from surrounding North Korea, South Korea is a thoroughly modern, engaging and awesome destination for vacationers. Significant cities like Seoul offers the buzz of an urban metropolis along with fantastic nightlife and a chance to find the current technological marvel.

However, South Korea is also residence to breathtaking national forests as well as lots of locations where you can slow down and delight in the atmosphere. From islands off the coastline to the terrifying boundary zone in the middle of the Korean Peninsula, there are plenty of things to do, see and also discover on your next journey to South Korea.

1. Chuncheon
Bordered by beautiful lakes and also towering mountains in Chuncheon, the resources city of Gangwon Province. Chuncheon is the area of a preferred Korean daytime drama called Wintertime Sonata, and also a great deal of site visitors in the city concerned see some of one of the most typical filming locations.

Various other tourists come for the food, because Chuncheon is called a foodie’s heaven. After touring significant destinations like the Soyang Dam, Statue Park or Cheongpyeong-sa Temple, head to Dakgalbi Road. This street features the dish dakgalbi, a grilled hen dish with spicy veggies and also rice. Loads of restaurants on the street provide the very same legendary meal, each offering minor variations on the recipe.

2. Suwon
The city of Suwon is the resources of Gyeonggi District, and also it is simply 30 kilometres (20 miles) beyond Seoul. It is easily accessible from Seoul by auto or train, yet it commonly missed over by travelers.

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If you see, you’ll have the ability to see the World Cup Stadium, passionately called Big Bird, that organized the quarter finals of the 2002 FIFA World Mug. If you’re not a football fan, head rather to the historic 18th century Hwaseong Citadel, where you can visit the architecture and also even attempt your hand at archery on the facilities.

3. Jeonju
At the peak of the Joseon Empire, Jeonju was its spiritual funding. Today, Jeonju is full of temples and also galleries and also is one of the very best places to go to in South Korea. If you want to accept the regional culture as well as learn more about its background, make your way to the Jeonju Hanok Town.

There, you can see traditional houses from the early 20th century, make the traditional Hanji paper or drink the in your area made soju. Another preferred destination in the city is the remarkable Jeonju National Gallery, home to an incredible collection of artefacts. While in Jeonju, attempt the well known Oriental meal Bibimbap, which originally comes from this region.

4. Busan
The second biggest city in the entire country is Busan. It’s also a significant port, and also it is understood for flaunting stunning coastlines as well as hot springs and also possibilities for exterior entertainment. Busan’s Gamcheon Cultural Village, known as the Santorini of Korea, is a stunningly vivid hill area neglecting the water.

While in Busan, you’ll also have the chance to go to numerous holy places, the most prominent of which is Beomeosa Temple. While the city boasts all the purchasing as well as galleries you may expect from a city location of its dimension, some of the most prominent destinations include Haeundae Coastline, Taejongdae Park and the beautiful Nakdong River Estuary Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

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5. Andong
At more than 2,000 years, Andong is often referred to as the Capital City of Korean Spiritual Society. Probably the piece de resistance in the city is the Andong Hahoe Folk Town, where local social heritage has actually been preserved and is shown to visitors.

Nevertheless, it is foodies that will certainly most appreciate a visit to Andong. The city boasts all type of local specializeds, starting with a famous hen as well as noodle meal called jjimdak. Andong is likewise home to an unique type of alcohol called soju, so have a sip before you leave the city.

6. Seoraksan National Park
If you intend to go hiking, see the very best recognized chain of mountains in South Korea or simply get some legendary photos, then make sure you go to the Seoraksan National forest. Within the park you’ll discover ache woodlands, jagged and rough mountain tops, crystal clear streams as well as stunning lakes.

Seoraksan National Park is likewise residence to over 2,000 animal species. Start your go to at the National Park Site Visitor Centre, where you can get complimentary maps in English and also Korean. After that, delight in the miles and miles of signposted hiking tracks that crisscross the whole park.

7. Jeju Island
Off the southern coast of South Korea is Jeju Island, the nation’s only Unique Autonomous Province. Nicknamed Island of the Gods, Jeju is a subtropical destination referred to as one of the leading honeymoon and getaway in South Korea. Along with gorgeous coastlines, lava tubes as well as rich environment-friendly views, Jeju flaunts a lengthy checklist of vacationer destinations and amusement parks.

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You can be familiar with the regional society at the Seongeup Mythology Village, or you can see Glass Castle, an amusement park that revolves around glass sculptures. Probably the oddest and most controversial destination in Jeju is Loveland, an amusement park including charming and also adults-only tourist attractions.

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